Single Origin Nicaragua


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Single Origin Nicaragua


Mild, fruity brightness with higher-toned characteristics such as citrus and floral sensations. Slightly Sweet.

Nicaragua coffees are very clean and well balanced.

They add bright notes to espresso blends and the flavours are more in the centre, e.g. classic coffee.

Note: sweet aromas, fine acidity, creamy body, chocolaty notes, and a long aftertaste.

Roast : Medium

Altitude : 1700m

Suggested Brewing Method : Auto Drip

The coffee is very aromatic, and has flavor hints of cocoa, tropical flowers, and bright citrus notes. These qualities make this one of our favorite coffee to drink iced, because the citrus notes alone are refreshing— combined with some ice, you get the most refreshing coffee you’ve ever had. Grown at high altitudes, medium roast.

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250g, 500g

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Coarse, Medium coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Bean


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