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Single Origin Kenya


Kenya coffee beans are known for their full body, balanced complexity and deep dimension. They typically offer a savory-sweet nuance that experts describe as wine-like acidity . Many beans grown at high elevations in volcanic soils are imbued with high acid content.

Kenya AB Plus features a combination of A (6.8mm screen) and B (6.2mm screen) beans.  Kenya coffee beans are first sorted by size in the following classes – E (Elephant) beans are the largest followed by A, B, C, TT, and T.   The “Plus” signifies a very high quality coffee.  After size sorting, all AA and AB coffees are cupped and taste tested and then further divided into quality classes – Top, Plus, FAQ plus, and FAQ.   AB Plus is a classic, premium Kenya blend with a taste highlighting the sweet side of the citrus spectrum.

Altitude : 1500m – 1950m

Process : Fully Washed

Notes : Brown Sugar, Winey, Citrus and Sweet, with Full Acidity and a Medium Body.

Cup Characteristics : A very complex, sophisticated cup profile. Floral aromas with hints of candy and cinnamon. Tart, tannic stone fruit and blackcurrant flavors.

Recommendations : Cold Brew, Aeropress


If you’re interested in truly savouring the subtle nuances of a Kenya brew, many experts recommend a steeping rather than a drip method.

A French Press or an Aeropress are both excellent tools for the job.

It is also suggested that Kenya beans are brewed a little stronger and ground a little finer than is standard. This all serves to better highlight the bright and acidic nature of the beans.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 18 cm

250g, 500g

Grind size

Coarse, Medium coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Bean


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