Single Origin Guatemala Huehuetenango


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Single Origin Guatemala Huehuetenango

This coffee is a single origin coffee from the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala.

Pronounced – ‘way way ten an go’, this Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee is one of our most popular medium roast coffees. Perfect for use through most home style brewing methods.

With a taste that is subtle and mild yet still complex and interesting, Guatemala Huehuetenango has distinctive and delicate fruity tastes, a fairly light body that can sometimes be slightly buttery, a sweet floral aroma and a clean aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Cupping notes : Maple, orange, milk chocolate and fruit notes; syrupy body, juicy acidity, sweet and complex.


Altitude : 1600 – 1700 m

Milling Process : Washed

Aroma : Floral, Citrus

Flavor : Chocolate, Sweet, Nutty (slight)

Body : Full

Acidity : Bright, Pleasant


Best Brew Methods : (Suggestion)

There are two different attributes to highlight in coffee from Guatemala which are the flavor and acidity, or the body and sweetness.

Pour over : helps to produce a clean cup with clear, bright flavor notes.

French press : extracts more of the sweetness and ensures a full, heavy body in the final cup.

Cold Brew : long steep time helps to really extract the sweetness and the body, making for a strong and refreshing cup of coffee.

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