Single Origin Ethiopia Guji G1


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Single Origin Ethiopia Guji G1


Like most coffees that are exported from Ethiopia, this coffee comes from many different small holders from a large area of land, within a particular region. In this case, Guji, a small part of the Oromio region. The majority of coffees that are grown in Ethiopia are not farmed in the same sense as other coffee producing nations. As it is the birthplace of coffee, the trees grow in the wild as they have done since before coffee was discovered.

Elevation: 2,150 m

Processing: Washed

Scoring : 87++

Roasting profile : Medium

Cupping notes : Sweet aromatics, fruity

Fruit-toned, engagingly complex. Mulberry, musk, cocoa, freesia-like flowers, elderflower liqueur in aroma and cup. Balanced in structure (sweet, tart, savory); plush, lively mouthfeel. The resonant finish leads with fruit (think berry medley) in the short, while the long is characterized by spice-toned florals and a hint of sweet ferment.
A richly sweet, multi-layered natural-processed Ethiopia cup: berry- and cocoa-toned, with an inviting touch of sweet ferment, redolent of elderflower liqueur.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 18 cm

250g, 500g

Grind size

Coarse, Medium coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Bean


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