El Salvador Casablanca Single Origin


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Single Origin El Salvador Casablanca


Floral aroma and caramel taste describes this coffee. Has a very mild acidity, good body and medium strength. Excellent for all bean-to-cup and espresso machines. 100% Arabica beans.


Flavor : Caramel and chocolate with a bitter-sweet aftertaste of cocoa

  • it has medium strength and a fantastic, floral aroma
  • it has a good body and is extremely well-balanced
  • it s mild, caramel and chocolatey flavour is enhanced with a note of pleasant, fruity acidity


Roasting Profile : Medium Roasted

Grade : 85++ Score

Altitude and Processing Method : 1350m, Washed Process


Salvador coffee has a superior, delicate flavour. Dominant flavour of the brew is caramel and chocolate with a bitter-sweet aftertaste of cocoa. Velvety, slightly buttery sweetness of honey and fudge is counterpointed by delicate berry fruit notes.

Delicate, but very tangible acidity of those beans is an advantage and intensifies the fine character of El Salvador Casabalanca coffee. Good body, fruity aftertaste, splendid sweetness and great care that the growers exercise to prepare the beans guarantee high quality of this Arabica.

Recommended way of brewing

It tastes delicious both in blends and on its own. Its flavour profile makes it perfect for the finest blends.

As single-origin coffee it tastes equally well when prepared in a espresso machine and in a moka pot as well as in a filter coffee maker, Aeropress or drip. El Salvador Casablanca produces a sensational espresso; it tastes fantastic also with a cream and sugar.

Brewed in French-press it will have an exceptionally sweet aftertaste of chocolate and nuts. In this device (like other types of coffee from Central America) it has a sweet, clear and translucent brew.

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