Italian Gold Blend


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Italian Gold Blend


This blend consist of High Grade Brazil bean + Indonesia Robusta bean with sweet body with a hint of cocoa and cedar wood. This Italian Gold blend is bold and smooth in taste and so flavorful that you will not find much cream or sugar needs to be added. Rich and complex like Italian culture, this coffee blend will make you feel as though your plane has just touched down in beautiful Rome.Tasting Notes: Earthy and full bodied

Roasting profile : Medium Roast

Variation: 500g

Origin : High Grade Brazil + Indonesia Robusta Beans

Grade : 60++ Score

Recommendation : Black Coffee


Brewing method suggestion :

This Italian blend coffee is wonderful for the AeroPress! Try it in the following recipe:

16.5 grams medium/course ground coffee

250 grams of water

Using your AeroPress, pour 40g of water over the coffee for 80 seconds to bloom. Stir the mixture for 5 seconds. Add the remaining water to the AeroPress, and wait 40 seconds. Slowly press the plunger to brew the cup. Enjoy!

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 18 cm

250g, 500g

Grind Size

Coarse, Medium Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Bean


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