Milano Gold Blend


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Milano Gold Blend

This blend consist of High Grade Brazil + High Grade Indonesian Robusta bean with strong body and long after taste. A blend that was originally built around the traditional espresso styles found in Milan. We have kept the round and rich length of this roast while adding some sweetness from different beans.  Milano Gold Blend can be enjoyed as a rich espresso, or a lush indulgence with milk.

Tasting Notes: Strong Body, long after taste

Roasting profile : Medium-Dark Roast

Variation:  500g

Varietal : 50% Arabica + 50% Robusta Bean

Grade : 60++ Score

Recommendation : Black Coffee

Brewing Hints: Brew using an espresso machine with a 20-25 second extraction for 30ml coffee, or use a cafetiere with a slightly finer grind than normal to extract the pungency and flavour from this blend.

Serving Suggestions: Serve when you feel like a shot in the arm to get you through the day! Also excellent after dinner as a digestif.

It is a traditional espresso coffee which is made from some of the best Latin American origins and is particularly good after dinner or as a jump-start first thing in the morning. Milano blend has a sweet crisp acidity with just a hint of the roast in the flavour. It is full-bodied, well-balanced and rich.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 18 cm

250g, 500g

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Coarse, Medium Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, Bean


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